Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wooties! :D

Here are some stats on ASHFALL:

· The basic idea was born back in like 2003. Over the course of like a year I fiddled around and wrote maybe 30k?

· I pulled the idea out of the trunk for 2010 NaNoWriMo, and after re-reading and editing, got the draft up to around 75k during that month. I stopped working on it because I was bouncing between projects.

· In July 2011, I committed to Ashfall as my next project, the next manuscript I was going to finish and send to my agent. I gave myself a goal of January 2012 to finish.

· I finished the first draft August 30, 2011, which came in at 123k.

· On September 7, 2011, I finished a rough edit, cutting the draft down to 119k, and sent it off to my betas. I gave them a month to read, and since they’re so wonderful, they all got back to me by October 11!

· I spent about two weeks organizing my notes for my betas, asking questions, brainstorming, and plotting out a revision plan.

· I created my draft 3 doc on October 24, 2011 and started working. Most of this work was rewriting almost EVERYTHING. I think maybe 20k survived from the original draft.

· November 11, 2011 – Skyrim released, and I’m ashamed to admit it, but I played for about three weeks straight, and didn’t do hardly anything on Ashfall.

· December 1, 2011 – I realized that playing Skyrim is not going to finish the book. (Crazy right?) So I did some hard math, and set aggressive goals to get myself back on track for my January goals.

· I finished the rewrite during the first week of January 2012, except for the last couple chapters. For most of January, I’ve been line editing, consistency checking, etc – which I did on paper. Then, I spent lots of hours keying these changes.

· Last week I finished line edit inputting, and yesterday I finished the ending rewrite.

· Today, January 29, 2012, I finished my third manuscript, which clocks in at 125,038 words.

This is good. I know this manuscript isn’t quite a perfect example because I started the idea like a decade ago. So, not counting that brainstorming/concept work/little bit of words in 2003, it took me about eight months to finish ASHFALL. And since Skyrim won’t ever be coming out again, I think I can safely say I’m capable of writing a book in about seven months. ;)

My goal is to do the next one in six months.

Now, if I know myself, I’m going to spend today super excited, tomorrow super anxious, and start working on my next book the day after that!

Other fun facts:

· Before my line edits, ASHFALL’s highest word count was close to 150k.

· My main character’s name was originally Alacrity, and is now Caylix. Changing her name was super therapeutic, and helped me change her character as the novel required.

· My first draft had one POV. The current draft has three.

· I had seven beta readers for the entire draft this time, the most I’ve ever used. I’ve learned that number is too high, and I don’t think I’ll use more than five in the future.

· I’ve rewritten my synopsis for ASHFALL at least 15 times. I think I like my current one…

· ASHFALL was my Clarion West submission material. I’ve haven’t looked at the first two chapters since sending my application in, and I don’t plan on it!

· The first two chapters have been read by like 16 people. Some multiple times!

· Don’t tell my other characters, but I think Dust is my new favorite character.


Amanda Bonilla said...

Congrats on finishing! You should be seriously proud of this project! Way to go! You've definitely inspired me. I've got 2 (maybe 3) chapters left in my WIP. I'm going to bust it out! WOOHOO!

Christina Farley said...

Congrats girl! You've got me all motivated to finish my revisions now on my latest WIP. YAY for you. I hope you gave yourself a good celebration!