Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In which I poke my head out of the cave

Hello! Long time no post. That seems to be my new trend - about two posts a month or so.

It works for me, as getting a second novel to my agent is currently my priority. That, and I think the blogging community for writers is a very dynamic thing. When you first start out, you're flying blind, trying to find answers and learn from others experience. I was there when I started this blog in 2008. I had a dream, but I didn't really know shit. We all put ourselves out there, meet other writers - some of which become invaluable beta readers and friends - and sometimes, forget that we started the blog because we love writing.

Being part of the blog sphere has been great for me. I've entered contests, picked up beta readers who I'll never let get away, and felt welcome and part of something bigger in the vast interwebs.

I've seen posts where people complain that once writers get an agent, they stop talking about stuff regarding their experience in publishing. I think this is true, though not always, and I think the reason is two-fold.

One, there are certain things you shouldn't post when you reach the stage of submission and even of querying. You don't vent publicly about query or submission frustrations, and the world probably doesn't need to know every single step in your process. I was pretty forthcoming about my experience querying - after it was over and I found an agent. I'm still willing to share my experience if anyone felt inclined to ask. Email away if you are. As for submission? Well, things have gone from dreams to reality and business, and being in business (which writing for publication is) demands professionalism.

Don't get me wrong. I hem and haw and whine as bad as anyone, but I do it privately, as nearly all writers who blog do.

Second, is that writing has shifted from something that can be put off when I'm just not feeling like writing, or when I want to play video games, to something that needs to be a priority because there are now expectations on me. I might be out on submission, but that's not the end. I need to have my next project ready to go as soon as I can. For me, it's not only about having a backup plan if my first novel doesn't sell, but also about proving to myself that I am ready to make writing a career and that I am capable of outputting on aggressive deadlines (even if now they are merely self-imposed).

The short of it is that I think writers cycle in and out of this community as it fits their current needs. For me, I post less because I simply don't have the time or the draw to focus on blogging when I need to be focusing on writing (and you know me - those sneaky video game binges).

The great part about this community is that everyone seems to understand that. We come and go as we need to, posting more and posting less, and followers might come and go, but the environment, for the most part, remains the same.

A welcoming, supportive and fun place for a writer to be, no matter what part of the journey they're on.

So, now that all my long-winded thoughtfulness is out of the way, thanks for still following a slightly less active blog. I've got about 5k in the tank on my current revision on Ashfall, and I've got lots and lots to go.