Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ashfall Revision 1

So far, so good. I finished my paper edit today - yay! - and I'm pretty happy with what I have. All I have to do is finish putting the changes from paper into the word doc (ughhh I hate that part) and then I'm ready to shoot the draft off to my awesome betas.

Started at 451 total pages, 123,509 words
451/451 printed pages edited - woo!
123/451 pages of changes put in word doc
Current word count: 119,621

Fun line that makes no sense without context: "How long would it take for the war on the clouds to poison the water?"


beth said...

Congrats, chicka. Also: *gulp* at that word count! :P

Amanda Bonilla said...

You are a machine! Go, go, go!!! :D

Eric said...

Wow, nice job! Oh, and even without context, I love that line. Good job, Guppster.