Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashfall Draft 1 - done!

Whew. Came out a little heavy at 123,507 - but that's okay. I always lose a good amount of words when I revise, simply because I write fast and sloppy when I draft. Lots of places to cut extra words - stuff like "nodded her head" that just comes out when drafting.

I'm doing a clean up run - hopefully it will take me about two weeks or so - then off to the betas to see how much work I have coming.

Finishing a draft though? This is a third story I've drafted in full, and the feeling never gets any less awesome when you type that last word.


scott g.f.bailey said...

Yay, you! Congrats! 123K is amazing work.

The Screaming Guppy said...

Thanks! :D :D :D

Amanda Bonilla said...

WOOHOO!!!! Congrats! I'm about 2k from finishing the zero draft of my novella so I'll be happy dancing with you tomorrow!

Oh, btw, have you seen Conan? I've heard that aside from the scrumptious moob action, there's some very nice posterior shots as well! ;)

The Screaming Guppy said...



I about died when I read that. I didn't see it yet because its only in 3D around here and 3D sucks.

Eric said...

Congrats big time, Guppster. That is quite a mound of words. I almost wish my first drafts ended up overly long, but alas I'm usually adding more later. Good luck with the edits though.

beth said...


Now gimme :P

The Screaming Guppy said...

Thanks Erik! :)

Beth: Soooooon, sooooooon!