Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashfall Draft 1 - done!

Whew. Came out a little heavy at 123,507 - but that's okay. I always lose a good amount of words when I revise, simply because I write fast and sloppy when I draft. Lots of places to cut extra words - stuff like "nodded her head" that just comes out when drafting.

I'm doing a clean up run - hopefully it will take me about two weeks or so - then off to the betas to see how much work I have coming.

Finishing a draft though? This is a third story I've drafted in full, and the feeling never gets any less awesome when you type that last word.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best description of the writing process I've ever heard

This is so me. From Kate Elliot quoting Tad Williams during an interview with Tor:

The term I like best I stole from Tad Williams. It’s particularly appropriate to my situation because I now happen to live there:

The Hawaiian Islands Method.

In this method, the writer knows certain main events or points that will occur in the story. These are the islands that show above the water. But of course the seamounts themselves extend beneath the waves down to the sea floor far below. So you have to write “under water” — through topography you can’t see from above — to link up the parts you can see. That’s the best description of my process I know.

From now on, if anyone asks "panster or plotter" I'm just going to say neither. I'm an island chainer! Always have been, always will be.