Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spreading Some Happy

After emailing back and forth with my buddy Marisol today, she shared this link she found with me. It gave me warm fuzzies!

I'm lucky to have Marisol and Beth as two of my most trusted writing and critque buddies, and this post about sums up my feelings on the topic. It's so awesome to have goto people, ones who are in the same boat as you (or in places you've been or are going), and who are there for anything from emergency reads and critques in a time crunch, to questions or sanity checks, and sometimes just for an ear.

You guys rock. Of course you know that, but I just wanted to remind you.

Do you have rocking writing buddies? Share that link with them and take a read. It's a really nice post.


beth said...

<3 <3 <3

Amanda Bonilla said...

I totally agree. I'd be screwed without my crit buddies and writer friends!

M. Dunham said...

Daw! <3 <3

Thanks to you, too, my writing buddy! I dunno what I'd do without you to talk to!