Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last week

So I was left alone for a few days since the boyfriend went to visit his family. Interesting times.

Thursday: Took boyfriend to airport EARLY IN THE MORNING, worked, tried to edit my BONI submission but ended up cleaning cat pee instead, showered, watched The Girl Who Played With Fire, snuggled kitty because I felt bad for screaming at her about the cat pee.

Friday: Worked, MOAR EDITING, played some Rift, googled some stuff about Rift, showered, watched Daybreakers, snuggled cats.

Saturday: Played some Rift, took cat to vet, went to lunch and saw the Adjustment Bureau with Maggie, MOAR EDITING, ate a chicken patty sandwich, decided not to shower because cats don't mind stinky people, watched The Ugly Truth, snuggled cats.

Sunday: Very excited to find unopened pop tarts on desk! Score!, played some Rift - which isn't so fun alone, downloaded a cheap game and ended up with nerd rage, ate a chicken patty sandwich, googled and for some reason ended up reading about True Blood, watched first episode of True Blood, ate a chicken patty sandwich, worked on synopsis, watched True Blood, watched more True Blood, synopsis, True Blood, synopsis, True Blood, True Blood, chicken patty, True Blood, TALKED TO BOYFRIEND ON THE PHONE AND SOUNDEDLIKEI'MTYPINGBECAUSEIWASSUPEREXCITEDTOTALKTOHIM
ANDBECAUSEI'VEHADNOHUMANCONTACTINLIKE36HOURS, True Blood, True Blood, no shower because meh boyfriend isn't home until tomorrow, snuggled cats.

Monday: CHICKEN PATTY FOR BREAKFAST, True Blood, finished synopsis, True Blood, showered since humans like other humans to be clean, picked up boyfriend YAY!, played Rift with boyfriend YAY!, put boyfriend to be early since he was super tired, MOAR TRUE BLOOD, debated staying up until midnight to pick up Dragon Age II early but decided to go to bed.

Tuesday: Boyfriend goes to work and drops me off in shopping center, 30 minutes to kill before Gamestop opens, shopped for breakfast and ended up with ice cream and chocolate covered coconut for breakfast and little sandwiches (no chicken) for lunch, ACQUIRE THE DRAGON AGE II, walked home, installed, crashed, tried again, couldn't find save files, computer crashed, obscenities, threats, NERD RAGE, call boyfriend, whined, MOAR RAGE, then YAY IT WORKED, played Dragon Age II, almost starved but remembered to eat at the last second, played Dragon Age II, greeted boyfriend, played Dragon Age II, ate dinner, played Dragon Age II, watched America's Funniest Home Videos, bed.

Wednesday - Work. :(

So I've learned that being left alone results in questionable eating habits, general lack of hygiene, lots of games and odd choices is TV and movies.

Somewhere in all that, I managed to finish my BONI submission and will be mailing it tonight. Hurrah!


beth said...

I am fairly certain we are twins separated at birth.

The Screaming Guppy said...

I have a twin?! YAY! :D

Jenn Johansson said...

Congrats on finishing your submission. I tend to do the same types of things when left to my own devices. Glad to know I'm not alone... even when I'm... er... alone. ;)