Friday, February 25, 2011

Rift Update

Talk about crazytown. Rift launched for headstart with 19 servers, most of which were full immediately. Once the serversw were full, then you had to wait in line behind 500-700 people for up to four hours to even log in at all!

Erik put me in line early, so by the time I got home from work I was in! I made my character...and then my computer overheated and crashed.


Erik got it up running after about half an hour, but by that time the line to get back on Greybriar was four hours.

But, much to my delight, they'd just put up two new PvE servers! We got into Corthana with no wait, so that's my new server. Also, character name is Archon on the Defiant side. I play a ranger and I love my ugly warthog pet. He's a killer tank. Sadly, my wolf can't hold hate for anything.

Erik and I played most of the night, but my favorite part was when a full on water invasion hit (basically, a rift between the planes of existence opened up, and the tidal armies came marching through in HORDES to try and kill the NPCs and claim the zone). Talk about chaos! It was so fun - even though a lot it involved me going: "I've got a mob, do you see it? Oh shit, my pet's dead. OH SHIT THEY'RE COMING FOR ME!!! *gurglygurglespurt*."

Good times, good times.


Eric said...

I was planning on checking out Rift, but so far I've been unable to get it to install properly. I emailed support, but they are evidently pretty busy. Anywho, maybe someday I'll be able to join you for a bit :)

The Screaming Guppy said...

Ah, bummer! Hope you get it figured out soon!

I think the Rift people didn't expect such a good response. It's amazing what happens when you release a polished, complete MMO...coughcoughFFXIVcoughcough.

Let me know when you get in!

Eric said...

I will admit that it looks pretty awesome from the screenshots. I've been playing DC Online, but the shine for that one is just about gone (which is really bad considering I've only been trying it for a month or so). I will definitely look you up though once I get in.