Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30% done, done.

So when revising, there's done and done, done.

Done means I've gone through Joanna's notes, made my own tweaks, rewritten, unwritten, changed, picked, verified, etc - but I have all those changes still as redlines. So...I haven't finalized them yet. Committed to them.

Done, done means I bucked up and hit accept changes.

I'm happy to report I'm done, done 30% of the manuscript. Weee!

Very happy. Hopefully soon I'll be done, done with more of it, instead of just done. :)

I should add one more done to the done, done, so I can say it like I'm dun, dun, duuuuuun!

Okay, this post is clearly done. As in done, done...duuuuuuuun!


Julia King said...

I wish I was dun, dun dunnnnnnn dunnnnnnn with my manuscript. Got to craft it up. I'm done verging on done, done. Close but no cigar. Love the post.

Anonymous said...


That is an awesome feeling! =D