Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sand peeps - WIP Ala'der

Time to go back to my souless Sand people!

Kelder, the main character, is a very well behaved character. As in, I know her pretty much inside and out, which makes it very easy for me to jump back into this project. Looks like I'll be swapping with some writer friends this January to get some eyes on the first 50 pages.

My feelings right now? I feel like I start off with a strong first chapter, but I worry that the next few might read a little slow. I feel like I have good conflict internally and between characters - but is there enough external conflict. Do I have enough tension and conflict that the chapters work, without pressing plot issues? Or is "learning how to be a killer" enough plot?

I guess we'll see.

Opening line of Ala'der:

Good people do not go out in the night.

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