Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cracking open the NaNo pot

I went into my folders to take a peek at the mess I made in the month of November. I ended with 99k spread over three projects.

  • sequel to HOUND - 30k or so
  • Ashfall - about 60k
  • Ala'der - two scenes
  • The Finding - opening scene

So far, I haven't looked at Ashfall, mostly because I already know its a mess and I'm not sure if I want to deal with it! Hehe! Actually, I'm about 85% sure that I'm going to work on Ala'der instead of Ashfall when I finally get focused again - which will be soon I hope.

I'm pretty happy with what I wrote for HOUND's sequel, though, and it seems to want my attention. I'm trying to fend it off, but being on query for HOUND makes me think about HOUND, which makes me think about what I could do with world and characters next.

Darn imagination, running where it pleases. :)

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