Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What now?

I have to admit, I'm going to enjoy a break from revising. I know I'll be tweaking and polishing HOUND as I go through the query process. I also know that late September will be filled with video games (FFXIV and Civ V yessssssssss).

But even before I finished HOUND and sent it out, my mind was already leaking into old and new ideas for other novels. Actually, that was part of the reason I knew I was ready to query. For the first time in two years (excluding Jan-March 2010, where I took a much needed break), HOUND wasn't filling all corners of my mind. Even during revisions, with the bulk of the manuscript/story complete, I still spent hours - every walk, shower and car ride - with Kumari and her world playing in my thoughts.

I walk to and from work (half mile each way) every day. I jam out on my Ipod and hammer out scenes. About a month ago, those scenes stopped being about HOUND and started revisting other ideas...because, well, I had figured out my novel. Kumari's story was complete.

Now I have to decide what project will come next. Soulless sand people? My space opera series? HOUND's sequel? A crazy domed city locked in a war between sciene and faith? A dystopian Earth ruled by knowledge stealing creatures?

My well overflows. I simply need to pick my next pen.


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Dominique said...

Congrats on finally feeling like you've got the story told. That's a good feeling. Don't forget to tell us when you settle on your next idea. :)