Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Range Brain

Though I am still checking my inbox every second all the time fast heartbeat for each new email I get...I'm pretty relaxed.

Why? Because the shackles of revising and editing have been RELEASED!

Free Range Brain is CREATING again.

Omnomnomnomnomnom! Ideas and worldbuilding! Characters development! NEW CHARACTERS! Omnomnomnom!

That bunny is my hungry brain. That...uh...table cloth thing (?) is the oyster that is my ENTIRE WORLD.


lotusgirl said...

Best of luck to you. Have fun with the new creations.

Carolyn said...

Funny and fun blog. Amethyst put me onto you...

BTW, did you know the Guppies are the great unpublished who belong to Sisters in Crime? (Just a little trivia to...)

All best with the blog.