Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thumbdrive implosion and dropboxing

Oh yes. Thumb drive went belly up earlier this week, and as bad as it sounds...it actually turned out okay.

I ended up loosing only one scene of revisions - about three pages - and only about an hour of work. Also, it wasn't one of those gut wrenchingly difficult writing sessions.

Despite my relief that I'd transferred three full chapters worth of work only two days prior from said devil drive, it was a wake up call. I'd been getting a little lax in my backing up. Instead of transferring files to all my back ups every day, I was only doing it every other or even every three days. I also hadn't done my extra, extra back-ups in quite awhile.

Here's all the places I'd need to remember to update my work on HOUND:

  • thumb drive (which is now dead and a defiler of tender trust)
  • desktop pc (main writing computer)
  • netbook
  • external hard drive system
  • Erik's (my boyfriend) computer
  • gmail

Lots of places to update, right? Pain in the ass, right? Easy to get lazy, right?

Well, worry no more. And if you have a huge amount of locations like me, consider checking out dropbox. This is a file syncing system that keeps a copy on any computer you have, provided you download the software, and keeps an online copy. The dropbox is located in "My Documents" and acts just like your normal windows file system. Every time you save changes, the dropbox syncs up across all locations (as long as you're connected to the internet).

And, since Erik also uses dropbox, I shared my folder with him. Now I have a copy on his hard drive and his web storage that auto syncs. Now every time I make a change, my files are saved in/on:

  • online storage
  • Erik's online storage
  • Erik's PC hard drive
  • PC hard drive
  • Netbook hard drive

And I never have to move files via thumb drive or email them to myself. And even if the dropbox website crashed, the files are still saved on my computer, not just stored in the interwebs ether. I encourage everyone to check it out.

It's free for 2GB and you can "rent" more space for a fee.


LeishaMaw said...

Thanks for the info. I've been getting lax myself, and this sounds perfect.

Tara Maya said...

Good warning. I'll look into it.

Eric said...

Glad you didn't lose too much, Guppster. This is good info too. Thanks.

Dominique said...

You sound way more careful about backing stuff up than I am. I don't remember when I last backed up my current project. Maybe back in May. Oops. Thanks for the warning call.

Kayla-Harley Quinn-Page said...

Wow Kool-eo. Thx for the info. I don't even save me stuff online I just write it all down on paper. It's hard getting people to not read my books when they have to be out in the open. I have to tell people that I don't want anyone to read them till I'm done writing them or until they get published. Maybe I'll look into getting a laptop so I can write anywhere I go.

gary said...

Finally got a chance to look into this. It looks really cool. I signed up for it in case we want to trade stuff in the future.

As an Apple MobileMe (formerly .Mac), it looks like I already have a similar service with iDisk. There's a yearly fee for it, but I already pay it for other reasons, so the iDisk is kinda "free". Something to consider for Mac users, I guess. Especially if you're already paying for MobileMe.