Monday, February 1, 2010

Shepard, part duex.

Finished my Archon Shepard renegade (mostly) Mass Effect 2 play through last night. Woooo doggies. That was gooooooooood.

Quelled the collector threat and managed to get my entire team out alive. Huzzah. Did everything possible, including current downloadable, all planets probed (including Uranus (and that is not a joke)), scanned and side quests completed, all loyalty quests successful and a Thane romance thrown in the mix.


Though I hardly feel any better, because just like part II in a movie or novel trilogy, it ended on a huge ciff hanger... I thought this would be my Mass Effect fix. That I could relax and not be dying to know what's going to happen to the universe. But no, Bioware, nooooooo. I'm more excited than ever for the final instalment of the series! Man, the wait is going to be a long one.

In order to prepare properly for ME3, and try and get over my need to in the Mass Effect world, I'm about halfway through my second play through on Paragon Colt Shepard, who has eyes only for Kaiden and a slightly more...pleasant outlook on things.

You get to make a lot of interesting choices in this game (and choices you made in Mass Effect 1). Choices that I'm dying to know how they'll effect (har har) #3. I'm going to do a few major differences in my play through with Colt.

This game really is awesome. The reviews aren't lying. Even things I thought I'd miss (like tons of loot) don't really matter is the scope of how fun this game is. The story is exciting, the tension is great, and the characters - even ones I expected to dislike - were amazing. On the downside, planet scanning does get old on the second play through (though you do get a nice starting stash based on achievements when you start a new game after beating it once - this does help some, but its not enough to get all upgrades), but it's not a deal breaker by any means.

And thank the maker that the MAKO is dead. I hated that thing.

In short, Mass Effect 2 is a super fun game - but if you're going to become one with the Shepard, why not play the first one? The small details - all the little things you did in ME1 - make the world feel alive. Like this world is YOUR world.

I am starting to get a stiff neck and a sore pinkie finger from spending so much time playing...

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