Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life plays on

Beat Mass Effect 2 and loved it! I got everyone out alive, too. Almost done playthrough #2, and also started a new game of Mass Effect 1. I can has Mass Effect 3? PLEASE.

Word count is up to 32,224 on Ala'der, not counting at least 10-12k words in various out of order scenes and exercises from class. Have a critique group online with some writer buddies which is going well and preventing too much slacking off. I'm working backwards in a sense, and adding some new chapters between 2 and 3. Looks like 2-3 chapters, and so far, I like the results.

Preparing to send off my entry for Hound for the PNWA literary contest - I even picked out my required three pieces of different colored paper today. In case you're dying to know, they're purple, orange and red. Why? Because that's what was available for looting in the local supply closet at work. To give the postal service a full week, I need to drop it in the mail tomorrow. I did a rewrite/reorganize of the beginning, then decided (via my own ponderings and the feedback of some writer pals) to revert to my original opening. Also, my synopsis is cliche ridden and made of supersuck, but I don't think anything shy of immaculate conception is going to remedy that in the next 24 hours. But to quote the classy Zombieland (oddly appropriate), time for me to Nut Up or Shut Up. So this goes in the mail, do or die, tomorrow.

On the PNWA note, all signed up for the conference in July, which includes two ten minute agent pitches. Plenty of time to overcome horror and apprehension. I'm also signed up to volunteer, which should be fun.

The PFC class is going well. Pam even brought us roses and a candle for our discussion about sex scenes and sexual tension. That was an interesting class!

I'm still alive, still writing, still reading blogs. Posting has been a little low, but I figure things will pick up eventually. I guess I just haven't had much to say!

Oh, and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains starts Thursday. Just making sure you all remembered, that's all. 'Cause it's very important.

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