Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big weekend!

The Fire in Fiction workshop with Donald Maass is this weekend! Squeee!

My PFC update will be late. Tonight I have to print out my entire manuscript (HOUND), but before I can do that I need pick at it some more. And then a little more. And some more after that. And try and get my query letter in decent shape to take with me - just in case. And overcome my fear of how terrible I think my synopsis is and print it out too, so I at least have it with me. Just in case.

Aside from having a bit of nerves (what if Mr. Maass says: You need to do a complete rewrite because this writing sucks!) I'm actually very, very excited! I'm sure I'm going to learn a ton, right from the one of the horse's well known mouths.

I don't have class next week, so I'll fill you in on PFC from this week and my experiences at the Maass workshop this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


scott g.f.bailey said...

Good luck with Maass! Have fun! Learn stuff!

Eric said...

Good luck, Guppster. I'll keep my fingers crossed and be waiting anxiously to hear good news.

Cheers w/ DC

Crimey said...

Have a wonderful time. I've only heard good things regarding Maass advice to writers.