Monday, September 14, 2009

Odd timing and Fallen Earth

My lack of writing and absence from the blog world can be credited to two things:

H1Nerd1 and the apocalypse.

After a great weekend at PAX, Erik came down with the flu, which was confirmed to the piggy/nerd flu from the outbreak at the Penny Arcade Expo. I've been teetering on the edge, consuming OJ and vitamins at an alarming rate, and took two days off work while I was feeling sick and unsure if I had the nerd virus myself. I never did get as sick as Erik, and now that he's fever free it looks like he's on the road to recovery.

The good part of this timing was that it coincided with the Fallen Earth head start. We did pretty much nothing but rest and play the game for the last four days. Worked out well. A relaxing few days, I'm sure, is the thing that kept me healthy. That and lots of hand washing, no smooches and sleeping alone.

Loving Fallen Earth though! Very bad for my writing productivity, but I planned to binge. I did print out part II for the next editing round, which I'll be doing on lunch breaks. I got through two chapters today, so not all has fallen by the wayside in these apocalyptic times.

Oh, and if you're playing Fallen Earth, you should know how to find me.

Who else would my character be but Kumari? Alec Masters server (the only one right now, but who knows if that will change with the wide release). My alt is Abigail Colt.

And I love crafting. As per normal in any game I play, my inventory is a mess. So is my bank. Both of them. And so is my alt's bank. And my horse's pack. And Erik's inventory whenever I can get him to hold something for me.

I'll post pictures soon!

Other news? My writing class starts in two weeks! Yay!


beth said...

Oh no! Glad to know everyone's OK re: H1Nerd1 virus!!!

Eric said...

Glad you're feeling okay. And yes, I noticed you have been absent. No guppy comments for a long time. I haven't checked out Fallen Earth and I'm afraid to do so. As it is, I need to cut back seriously on my WoW time. Le sigh...

Candy O'Donnell said...

Sorry to hear that the piggy flu has hit. Everything will be back on track soon enough!