Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I have four - five. Well, could be six, uh, different ideas of what project to work on next - namely, for my writing class. Names given to these ideas are strictly to help me organize my brain.
  • The Dark Book - 85k+ written, needs some work on the front end cleaning up POV and I need to write the ending.
  • Becoming Darkness - the prequel to The Dark Book. I've been thinking The Dark Book might be the wrong place to begin the series. But I'm not sure. I have two chapters written of this.
  • Ala'dar - a fantasy setting, lots of sand, soul eaters, assassins, and a people divided by two gods and what they have to offer. I have a completed outline, and plan on writing a short story set in this world for an antho (deadline early next year). I'm intrigued by this idea very, very much.
  • Sequel to Hound - 'nuff said.
  • Finding - a post apoc type world about creatures who learn by stealing the lives of humans. They hate the color yellow. This idea is based on a really messed up dream I had. I have some notes, that's about it. Oh, and two pages. Sometimes writing a page or two about a random idea is enough to kick start my creative mind.
  • Alacrity's book - a sci-fi project I was working on a few years back. Love the concept, love the characters, but my plot spun way out of control and I lost hold of where the book was going. Decided to shelf it and move on, with plans to someday return. Is that time now? I think I have around 40-50k words on that one.
  • The big fat epic fantasy Catalyst Heart - my first novel, 240k. I might go...hah....ahah...hahahahhahah! Sike! Yeah, that would be a hell no. I'm not mentally ready to rewrite that one from the ground up.

Pondering Erin ponders.


Dominique said...

I am in the same place. Tons of ideas, not sure what to do about them just yet. Blessing and a cursed. :D

Andrea Cremer said...

Is six the magic number? Because I have six WIPs as well, hmmmmm. I was intrigued by Finding - great, concept.