Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great resource list for writers

Marisol posted an awesome list of books about the craft of writing today. Having read (and purchased with intent to read) a number of books on this list, I support Marisol's blog post. One can never spend too much time learning about the craft and industry. Except, well, if you spend all your time learning about writing and publishing, but never spend any time writing.

Of course, even though different books say different things and no single guide can be labeled gospel, one sure fire way to avoid being a noob or a douche bag is through self education.


B.J. Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing!

scott g.f. bailey said...

I recommend "Technique in Fiction" by Robie Macauley and George Lanning. It might be a bit too academic in tone for a lot of people, but there's some good stuff.

And hey, I sense a crusade to raise the level of abilities. Which is nice, but:

I write for myself. Why should I study writing when I'm in love with my writing. I write for myself. Don't try to choke my muse with your roolz, dude. I write for myself. I sent out 60 queries this week. Why won't these asshats publish me?

christine said...


M. Dunham said...

Scott: I wasn't intending on being any part of a crusade. I know when I search for good writing books my frustration lies in finding a book list from an independent resource (aka, not pushing their own line of books). My list comes from the many writers I know and how much it's helped them as well as myself.

With the too many books out there, I'd rather have some people recommend books that all worked instead of reading through a bunch of ok ones to find the really good ones.

Roolz were made to be broken. Pssh.

scott g.f. bailey said...

Marisol: I was really aiming at Erin when I said "crusade," referencing her rant from earlier this week.

It's really generous of you to recommend books. Sometimes writers can be very jealous of their knowledge and ideas, which baffles me.

Roolz were made to be broken by them what knows what the roolz is for, I think.

M. Dunham said...

No worries, Scott. :D

I don't get the jealousy thing. No one thinks like me... so I have nothing to worry over.

And you're right about roolz, of course.

I just wanted to say roolz. Ok, done.