Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I was hired for my currently position two years ago, I was brought on as a writer/web content publisher. This means I do some technical work on maintaining our websites, as well as writing website content (which is mostly short blurbs and bullet points translated into paragraphs with good grammar) and writing magazine articles (a blend between propaganda and creative non-fiction).

Last week the waters changed. The plan is for me to undertake a new website, which is a rather large project, as well as revamping and changing a number of sites I already maintain. With this new site comes training, as I'm technically inclined but not formally trained in HTML. At the demand of the new job, and my own sanity to ensure I'm not thrown into a job I CAN'T do, I've signed up for a web certificate program on Costco's wallet. Luckily, there was no argument that the training is unavoidable.

The long and short of it is this: I'm not happy with this change, but there's nothing for me to do about it. I was hired on to be the web content person for the department, though my lack of skill in this particular area was clear. The good news is I'll be in classes learning, something I enjoy. The bad news is my total writing for work is going to all but vanish. Bummer. My job is no longer creative, and that makes me sad.

But what's the saying in this "hard economic time" about "lucky to have a job?"

Guess I must also be lucky that my credit card company is upping my interest rate from a fixed 3% to 18%. Don't worry though! I can write them a letter saying I don't consent, but then the card will be cancelled in a year and I have to pay the balance in full by then. Gee whiz, shame I didn't know the bankers were greedy bastards and people were dumb enough to take $500,000 mortgages out on a 30k salary when I transferred my car loan and all my other debt to this card three and a half years ago under the promise that I would have 3% interest for the life of balance. Silly me. -.-


I seriously hope I can pull my head out of my ass and get this story done for the Shine anthology by Friday. My writing as come to a crashing halt. Maybe getting Hound back (a month late) will be the spark I need to get writing again. Unfortunately, that's not until the middle/end of July.

It would help if the sun came out, too. Been cloudy and chilly for a week now.


Lady Glamis said...

Erin, you just need major *HUGS*




The sun will come out soon.

M. Dunham said...

I agree with Glamis. /tackle hugs after her.

Danyelle said...


The Screaming Guppy said...

Thanks. :) I lub you guys. :)

Tess said...

Maybe it will be a temporary shift and you will learn amazing new html skills and be the most popular friend because of those skills. Then, very soon, maybe you will be shifting back to more creative endeavors.

In the meantime, funnel all your extra creative energy into your writing :D

And, seriously look into transfering cards or taking out a consolidation loan...you should be able to find something better than 18%.

Eric said...

Massive hugs.

I feel your pain. I had to do a class on web creation, and I barely passed the cert exam. What I learned is that programming in any form is not my forte. You can still be creative however, depending on how much leeway they give you on the web pages.

Hmmm. Or maybe not. It is Costco. Well, keep working on your books and that will be your creative outlet.

More Massive Hugs.

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