Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the quest for a new game

My big plan was to finish my first draft of my WIP "the dark book" by the end of June. I'm still going to try, but I have to say I'm enjoying a nice break. In said break, I've been hunting for the next great game to keep myself occupied.

I got a Steam account (which I joined in order to download L4D on PC with Marisol, her hubby and the BF) and found a nice section of demo downloads.

Zombies vs Plants - hah! Ten bucks for is basicly a puzzle game. Fun stuff, with lots of mini games. I'd say worth the money. Though I only played one day.

The reason I only played one day was because I downloaded the EVE Online trial. Spaceship MMOG (massive multi player online game) - makes sense right? The UI is insane and you have to do a lot of tutorials, but this game is really interesting. Slower paced than a lot of other stuff, but I'm going to play for a while I think. At least until I get to a point where I'd have to join a huge corporation (guild) in order to keep doing new stuff. Or we find a new game, being that Erik isn't a fan of EVE.

Since DDO seems to be in a hiatus (forever?), Erik and I have been trying to figure out some other MMOs to try with the old crew. Seems the never ending DDOers are even getting sick of the lack of new content.

So, on the plate for the future (as in not yet released games):

Star Trek MMO
Star Wars MMO
Fallen Earth

And new games coming out to play that aren't MMOs:

Dragon Age: Origins (/slobber)
Left 4 Dead 2 (Just announced this weekend at E3)
Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Versus (Hello Japan? Anyone out there?)

Until then, I shall continue with my spaceships and zombie killing.


Mia said...

Have you tried out LOTRO? It's actually pretty good, they made some BIG improvements over the last year since it came out. And their doing free trials right now.

Also maybe you should check out Sacred 2, I play it on the 360, but it is on the PC. It got panned by official reviews, but gamer reviews are very solid around 8.5... the map is GIGANTIC, and apparently takes 6 hours real time to walk across the map. Basically if you enjoyed the Diablo games, you will probably enjoy this one. If you're curious go to youtube and just look for Sacred 2 gameplay to check it out in action.

Did you hear L4D 2 has been announced? Blergh!

Eric said...

If you have a xbox 360 (or it may come out on PC, I don't know), you should check out Velvet Assassin. It's unique in a number of ways, not the least of which is that it features a female main character in a stealth-based game. Anyway, I like it so thought I'd put it out there.