Friday, June 5, 2009

A new short

Who'da thunk it!

I found a new sub op online, gave it a think, and wrote a the first draft of a new short story yesterday.

It's a bit outside my normal zone. It's sci-fi (normal), but with an optimistic spin (not normal). It ended up being about a seventeen year old boy, told in first person. It ended up being quite a strange voice, at least for me, and it almost feels YA (very not normal). AND I came in low on the word count at about 6k (the max for the sub is 10k - also not normal for me).

We'll see. I need to do some editing and a little fleshing out. I have until July 1 to finish.

Here's the sub op.

And I don't have a title yet, of course.

Still hoping to finish the dark book by the end of June, but I'm enjoying a break for big projects right now.


Eric said...

Good luck with this Guppster. I'm still working on short story projects myself, but I'm not feeling they're ready for putting out there just yet.

Cheers /DC raised

ElanaJ said...

Cool! I need to check out submitting shorts.

Anonymous said...

Interesting especially since first person is not your usual thing and YA? Interesting indeed. I hope it goes well for you.

You know I do quite a bit of exploring genres myself for short stories but mine are mostly flash or do not run over 4K however last night I started writing a new horror and this one seems lengthy, so I plan to type it up today and edit thoroughly. Yeah I should get to that now lol!

Danyelle said...

*is jealous*

This looks like a great place! (If only I wrote SF)

Lady Glamis said...

You're doing great with this, Erin. But I miss your ranting and such when you're online... you need to work on something big in the near future. ;)