Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The first set of pictures from Isabell's visit

For anyone who didn't know, my mother and niece, Isabell, came up for a week to visit. Isabell had never seen the place where Aunt Erin moved to a few years back, so it was a really great time. I'm building some albums on Facebook for the family to see, so I figured I'd share with my blogging buddies as well.

Here ya go!

Isabell, my mom and I went on a hike up Rattlesnake trail, the same one I went to with my brother a while back. However, we started from the easy side. Good times. Isabell had a blast.

More pictures soon!


Tara Maya said...

What a cutie!

Eric said...

Cute pics :)

lotusgirl said...

So much fun! I'm glad you had a great visit.

Danyelle said...

Nice pictures. :D