Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dork incoming...

/rubs hands.

The new class for Dungeons and Dragons Online is going to be Favored Soul (a healer/warrior).


The level cap is also being lifted to 20.


When I vanish in the middle of the summer, do not panic. All is well...provided I remember to sleep and eat.

/stares at the computer with eyes which glisten in anticipation.


Eric said...

You're such a geek lol. Guess that's why you're so fun. I'm too old school DnD though. This whole "everybody can heal" thing in 4th ed. just grinds me wrong, but oh well. I've survived all the previous machinations of the game, I suppose somehow I'll come to terms with these ones too. Remember, take a breath every once in a while. And stock up on DC.

Lady Glamis said...