Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wordle - a feature you might not know about

So I was playing with Wordle again last night, and I discovered something new I didn't know about before.

Here's the Wordle for my WIP Hound (with character names removed). Not very inspiring, eh? Well, I was poking around and found this.

First, create your Wordle for your entire manuscript. When it's done, click the language tab.

At the very bottom, you have this. Show word counts. This will list every word in your document and the number of times it occurs, in a window that looks like this:

So what right? Well, when I was scrolling through my list of words, I noticed something.

This is an awesome way to find mistakes your eye might miss when editing. Like above. One of my character names is Aberhiem. In the image above, you can see the problem.

Aberheim, Aberhiem, Aberhiemt (wtf?), Aberhiem's

Well, now I know I need to do a find and replace in Word for these weird screw ups (the t on the end) and the misspelling. Just another weapon in the war on typos.

Oh, and its also fun to go down the list and read the words out loud, you know, when you have every version of the word follow, for example. Erik and I got some good laughs out of it.


beth said...

That is for serious cool. I have used Wordle before, but didn't know it could do all that!

M. Dunham said...

One of my favorite things about using Scrivener is its word count (like what you showed), as well as project statistics, the replace in entire manuscript function... you name it.

When I had to change my protagonist's first name, it was a thrill to not have to go scene by scene to change it.

*hugs her Scrivener* Lovelovelove

Eric said...

Hmmm. I've seen people talk about Wordle, but I've never used it myself. Maybe I need to dabble a little...

Lady Glamis said...

That's pretty awesome. Thanks! You're so brilliant. :)

lotusgirl said...

That's really cool. I tried once to get my wip in wordle but it didn't take. I may have to try it again.

Litgirl01 said...

That's some serious coolness....I'll check it out!

HWPetty said...

You can also use it to find overused words. For instance, I tend to overuse the words "even" and "just" to a severe degree.

My wordle? Empirical proof that my critique partner is right. ahahaha

Samantha Elliott said...

Does it make me a lame geek writer that my eyes just got wide, my mouth dropped open, and I said to my empty room "Oh. My. God. That's so cool!"?

I think so. But THANKS for sharing. *goes to play*

日月神教-向左使 said...