Monday, April 6, 2009

#wordathon count

Wordathon was a fun little exercise. Got to meet a few new writers via twitter, and talk about procrastination and word counts. I ended up with 5,920 words from Friday to Sunday night at 6:00 pm. A little short of my insane word count goal of 2,714 a day, but it was a nice weekend! The sun, who has been missing in action for a long while, decided to visit.

I'm just happy I got to chapter 21, which marks progress in the plot. My characters have been traveling for three weeks and finally will be arriving at their destination in the start of chapter 22. I'm guessing I'll need to do some trimming and/or rearranging when I edit chapters 17-21ish. I felt like it took forever to write, and I fear there's a lack of action in this section.

No worries, though. There's epic trouble waiting at the the next port of call, putting me back on track for my average fight scene to non-fight scene ratio per story.

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