Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dark Book Grind

Since I'll be getting HOUND back from a line edit in about two weeks, I'm hoping I can get the Dark Book done by then. By done, I mean first draft out of my head and on to paper so it can simmer while I put my focus on editing and querying for HOUND.

I expect this WIP in cap out around 100k, again, as I just can't seem to think in terms of a smaller number. Right now I'm at about 62k, which leaves 38k words for two weeks. Which means (hang in there, I know how we writers hate the math) 2,714 words per day for fourteen days, starting today. Yesterday I wrote 4,204 words. When I apply myself, I have no trouble meeting the NaNoWriMo pace of 1,666 words per day, often times more. I'd say I average closer to 2k per day when focused. That means this will take some work, or rather, some dedication and threats inflicted on me by uh, myself.

Less video games, more writing. Less TV shows, more writing. Less excuses, more writing. Less shaving Erik's head, more writ -- oh wait! I don't think I'll have to do that again for at least a month. My debut as a stylist was a stunning one, by the way. You need a shaved head, I'm your girl. Just make sure you want it all gone. I don't do this "even" cutting thing.

GAH! Less blogging, more writing! But wait, isn't blogging writing? Opps. Less excuses was already listed above...

My sanity will thank me later if I can do this. Writing and editing HOUND back to back made me want to pluck my eyes out with a spork. I can't imagine a better way to distance myself than to work on another WIP. But I know once HOUND is back in my hands, ready for action, I won't be able to walk away from it until I'm sending queries.


Litgirl01 said...

A spork? Blimey! :-)

Lady Glamis said...

Hey, good luck with all of that! I wish I could say "less kids and more writing" but alas, can't ignore the two year old. *sigh*

Get to writing!