Wednesday, April 22, 2009

25 Things...

Samantha over at the Wuthering Life blog had a really cool post idea. We all see the “25 questions about you” thing on facebook and other places, but how about 25 things about a work in progress instead?

25 Random Things about HOUND IN BLOOD AND BLACK

1. The idea came from a short story I wrote for an anthology by Permuted Press. The premise of the antho was about societies after the zombie apocalypse is over. My short story was rejected.

2. In the short story, titled “Playground”, Kumari’s nicknames were Kitten and Cat, and you never found out her real name. I wanted to keep the idea, but Cat is so overused that I went with Hound instead.

3. I selected the name Kumari after reading about the Kumari in India – a child goddess. I just really liked the way the word sounded.

4. I wrote this manuscript during the 2008 NaNoWriMo, and wrote 68k in 30 days.

5. I finished the story in time for ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award). HOUND didn’t make it past the first round.

6. I had an outline completely planned, and the whole thing got changed when I decided to kill a character I wasn't planning on killing.

7. “Rebirthing” by Skillet is HOUND’s theme song.

8. I also have a huge list of songs I listened to on Pandora while writing. If anyone wants to see my stations, I’m erineanderson2 on Pandora.

9. I started calling the book HOUND for short because I kept messing up the title, and switching the Blood and Black around.

10. The title refers to Kumari’s nickname, arena flags and gladiator preparation. I’ll say no more.

11. My book has zombies, but I have an irrational fear of being pigeon holed as a zombie fiction writer, so I call them undead or wilds, and never, ever zombies.

12. When I used a word cloud on my first draft, my most frequently used word was “back.”

13. Originally, I had journal entries at the start of every chapter, and tried to make them relate to what happened in the chapter they prefaced. It became too tedious, so I cut it down to the opening of parts 1, 2 and 3, and an epilogue.

14. My first beta reader called me an editor’s nightmare because of the amount of typos I had.

15. My second beta reader, in the same writing group, announced which character dies in HOUND on Facebook.

16. So far, everyone who has read HOUND has said the same thing: loved the book, even though it has zombies and they would never pick up this type of book normally. I think that’s a good thing, and also a bad thing. Hahaha!

17. In the first draft, Heaven had a white dog named Bleach. I forgot about him for about 2/3rd of the book, and decided to cut him instead of trying to add him back in.

18. When I started HOUND, my plan was for it to be a single, stand alone novel. I feel that it can stand alone, but I now have plans to write a sequel. Perhaps for NaNoWriMo 2009?

19. I first called HOUND speculative fiction. Then dystopian fiction. Then dystopian fiction with sci-fi, horror and thriller elements. Now, I think I’ve settled on science fiction/horror.

20. I watched so many dystopian and zombie movies while writing HOUND that my boyfriend cut me off.

21. We also played Left 4 Dead and other zombie video games, as “research.”

22. Though I am a zombie fan, I’ve never read any zombie fiction. I normally read in the genre I’m currently writing.

23. In my head, Rem looks and sounds exactly like Bob – the winner of the last season of Survivor. I’m slightly obsessed with Bob.

24. The only handwritten documents I did for HOUND were outline notes, which I later typed into Word docs, and a few sketches of Kumari’s armor and world maps.

25. Kumari’s hairstyle was inspired by one of the head models in the computer game Neverwinter Nights 2.


scott g.f. bailey said...

"17. In the first draft, Heaven had a white dog named Bleach. I forgot about him for about 2/3rd of the book, and decided to cut him instead of trying to add him back in."

I realized a day or so back that I managed to misplace an entire army in my book. I managed to find them again, which search turned up another loose end I'd created. This is why I make charts. For my next book, I'm considering buying an immense whiteboard.

I hope you find a publisher for HOUND; it sounds really cool. And then I want someone to make a film of it.

This is a great post.

Samantha Elliott said...

That sounds super-cool! And I love post-apocalyptic zombie stories. I can't wait till I have a chance to read HOUND. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only unoriginal blogger out there. Thanks! :P

Davin Malasarn said...

This is awesome. I'm glad you did it, and I'd love to see anyone else's blog that does it too. I think my favorite was 23.

Scott, instead of a whiteboard, index cards and a big corkboard might also work. Then you can move stuff around without the dreaded problem of cutting and pasting errors.

Litgirl01 said...

So, no zombies then? No cheesecake eating zombies...just cheesecake eating undead? I need a drink... LOL!

Crimogenic said...

I love zombie stories, so regardless if you called them zombies, wilds, or the undead, I would probably flock to the shelves for it.

Jenna said...

Ooh, those are awesome! I get what you mean about not wanting to be pigeonholed as being a zombie writer.

Windsong said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

The Screaming Guppy said...

Haha! Zombies still have cheesecake...and so do undead!