Monday, March 30, 2009

Dark Book: Day..uh..27?

Yes, I've been slacking something ugly. The last time I wrote was March 27 for a count of 1,790 words.

The weekend of the funeral really threw me for a loop. My mind is settling back down into my writing, and I think that the Dark Book is going to win over my attention. I just don't have a clear enough picture of where I'm going with Becoming Darkness yet. Methinks I need to do some more plotting and planning before I dive in head first. Besides, I just got to spend some time in the head of my story's resident cannibal - a character who wouldn't make an appearance until the end of Becoming Darkness. That and my characters are hanging in a very uncomfortable place of unanswered questions and heavy sedation drugs. If I leave them there too long, I'm afraid I might have a riot on my hands. Well, I guess sedated people can't really riot, per say...

Oh, I do have my first song picked out for the Dark Book.

Falling inside the Black by Skillet.

Lyrics from a cool website I just found:

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