Friday, March 6, 2009

Dark Book: Day 5

word count: 1,521

And where were you when I needed you, 79 words? Psfh. My writing binge abandoned me at the last second, leaving me high and dry on my word count goal of 1,600. I'm still in the middle of chapter 13, which I hope I finished today. My poor characters. Currently, the proverbial shit is hitting the fan, and I just left them there to deal with. Time to go in and fish them out of the mess I've created!

I also need to decide if naming a planet creating machine/station/thing G.O.D. is just too damn corny. I was in a pinch and needed a name so I could keep writing. And while I like it, and it's fun to tinker with all sorts of clever wording around it, I know it's well within the realm of disgustingly cliche. Don't throw pies or something at me please?

That's what G.O.D. created "find and replace" in Word for, cha'know?

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Litgirl01 said...

No pies! :-) I had to laugh because my characters are waiting for a big conclusion and I just can't. I have a friend who is as involved with my characters as I am. When I talk to her, I'm always are not going to believe what Kate did NOW! lol Funny how involved you get.

How did you get that guppy to scream? he he