Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dark Book: Day 16 & and not so good news

words: 0
ABNA: no 1/4 finals for me

No words was a result of stressing over ABNA, having a stomach ache and not being able to play a new mod (Mars, Now!) that I downloaded for Civ IV. I finally gave up on all things computer and watched some Lost and then Total Recall with Erik. At least Arnold could get his ass to Mars even though I could not.

But, the curious guppy could not resist one more computer peek before bed, and discovered no ABNA for me. My guess is that my pitch was the biggest problem, and that my manuscript still needs some editing for typos and the like. I don't think I was really "ready" to submit this year, being that I wrote this manuscript during NaNoWriMo, but it seemed silly to not at least give it a try. I lost nothing but a few hours of sanity yesterday.

Apparently, it's much more difficult to deal with a contest vs. a normal query process. The single, specific date for reckoning was a tad uncomfortable.

So I'll send out my short story today - when I decide the title - and then I'll be taking a bit of a blog/writing hiatus until Monday most likely. My grandmother passed away last night, so I'm flying out Thursday to go to the funeral and spend some time with the family.

Grats to everyone who made it in. I'll do my best to give you all some feedback.

Speaking of feedback, I got some longer and very insightful crits on the Public Slushpile over the last few days. That feedback was probably stuff I needed to hear before I sent my pitch in to ABNA! Hehe. I'm looking forward to doing some more reviews of the new queries, and posting a revision of my own eventually. Though I did promise myself I wasn't revisiting HOUND until April so...

Perhaps I can get some writing done tonight and tomorrow, and there's always the plane and the laptop.

Have a nice week and weekend everyone.

Oh, and I've seen a few people mentioning they were not in the 1/4's but made the top 1 or 2k? How do they know this? My letter was a form rejection.

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Lady Glamis said...

So sorry about the sad news. This business just isn't easy. Keep going! That's what I do. And good luck.