Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dark Book: Day 10

word count: 4,269

I noticed a pattern in my writing yesterday. While I almost always have a general plot in mind, with specific events decided and character development planned before I start a new story, there seems to always be a large event somewhere near the center of the story that dominates my creative thoughts. As I work up to it, the details come to life and my characters lead me on small tangents as I explore who they are. New, small events pop in, adding depth to the story I already planned to tell.

Then, I finally get to and write the "big scene" I've been imagining for weeks. And after, the flood gates open. After writing a chapter and a half yesterday, I finished the "big scene" (which spanned about three chapters) and wrote a small one after it that cemented what was happening in all the chaos - as in, the clean up after the shit-fan incident. When I finished that, my mind was racing. In about 15 minutes, I panned out all the details of the rest of the book, including some revelations I hadn't planned on which, in fact, answer some hanging questions I had about what exactly was going to happen.

In short, an awesome writing day for me.

Though I am having a small shiver of doubt. In the perfect world, I would hope to write two prequels and two sequels to this manuscript. I'm starting to wonder if this book is the right place to begin the story of this world and if the revelations that will come at the end of this novel will fall short because the history of this world is background and not experienced by the characters. I think these concerns might have to do with a short story I wrote about this world - EIDOS. Writing EIDOS gave me a secure grasp of what happened a hundred years or so before this manuscript, but I wonder if I'm not filling in the reader enough on the secrets I know. I guess we'll see how it looks when I finish it.

With that in mind, I expect the rewrite for this one to be much more consuming than HOUND IN BLOOD AND BLACK has been so far.

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Tara Maya said...

That actually sounds very similar to how I write: a big scene in mind, but filling in and learning new details as I go, fueled by manic glee.