Monday, March 2, 2009

Dark Book: Day 1

Updated my tally for the Dark Book today. I finished another chapter, and my brain is slowly getting back in the sci-fi groove. I watched "Final Fantasy: Spirits Within" last night - thus begins the sci-fi movie kick that will continue until I finish writing this novel. Finally, Kumari and the gang are leaving my head and my idle thoughts are turning to Archon and her crew instead. A good sign. And, today is Monday, a new month, and time to keep with my promise to myself.

So, we'll call this Day 1 for the sake of keeping the blog easy to follow. And we'll pretend that chapter 10 - 3,441 words - was finished on March 1. That makes me right on track! Good for me! I'm going to aim for NaNoWriMo pace, which is 1,600 words per day.

So here's my status:

34,620 words, 10 chapters

I also had a piece of the manuscript - the end of chapter five - critiqued over on Authoress' blog last week. I got some great feedback, and had a good time reading and critting other people's work.

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Tara Maya said...

Glad to hear it's coming along. :)