Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We went to the Seattle Aquarium Sunday. Fun stuff. Smaller than I expected, but maybe the Camden, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland Aquariums are just huge?

Here are some sea monsters for your enjoyment.

I've never seen an octopus this large this close. Pretty neat guy. It was almost like he was walking along the glass with a thousand little suction cup feeties.

This was part of a tank shaped like a arch, where the jellyfish floated up and over your heads. Is that a four leaf clover I see in the little one? Maybe he's a lucky jellyfish?

The Eater of Worlds.

Cow fish. Charming, isn't she?

Not a very good picture, but who doesn't like seahorses? I wanted a picture of the puffer fish more, but he was camera shy.

This might make an excellent torture device, don't you think? I might need to work urchins into my next manuscript...

And for a nice end to the photo montage, a happy sea otter. Of course, this happy face was a result of the fifteen minutes he spent grooming his own hiney while doing barrel rolls over and over so he could still get air whilst cleaning. Don't judge him. I'm sure you'd get bored swimming in the same tank of water with the same three other otters too.


Litgirl01 said...

Definitely put in some sea urchin zombies or something! :-) Those are great photos.

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome pics!