Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Stuffed Chicken Warfare

Since I made the most awesome chicken evar - my Borsin stuffed chicken - I've been trying out some other stuffed chicken recipes. Some have been pretty good, but none as amazing as the first. I think it really comes down to the cheese.

Here is my second stuffed chicken meal. It was a Mediterranean stuffed chicken. No breading this time, just some butter and seasoning on the top. The stuffing was pretty good - cream cheese, dill and garlic. It makes a nice spread for crackers. We put the leftovers on some chips, and I licked the bowl. Yes, I did. Don't give me that look.
I think I actually put a little too much stuffing in though - I know, I know. I'm a dirty, dirty blasphemer. The flavor of the stuff was really good though. And it went well with my leftover orzo pasta salad. Thumbs up for this chicken dish!

The next stuffed chicken I made was just okay. This time, the middle was filled with cream cheese and cheddar cheese, but no other seasoning. It was meh. Too much just cream cheese, and I didn't really dig the cheddar/cream cheese combo. I used the same breading as the Borsin chicken, but added a little extra Parmesan for some extra crunchies. This time, the salad didn't go quite as well. It was also nearing the end of its shelf life, so it got the boot to the trash can after dinner, never to be heard from again. At least until I make another batch. As far as the chicken, so-so with no intentions of making this again - at least not without adding some flare to this mo-fo's middle.

The final stuffed chicken I made was your classic chicken cordon blue. Not too bad. Could have used more Swiss cheese in the middle I thought, but I was having trouble keeping the stuffing in with the toothpicks, so I took some of it out. The mashed potatoes are fake - as in instant - and the sauce was made from the leftover juice in the pan I cooked the chicken in - white wine and bullion granules - with added butter and heavy cream. It was a heavy sauce, but the flavor was light and creamy. Good stuff. I'd make this again for sure.

Guppy Cooking Tip #19: There's no such thing as bad stuffed chicken. There is only good, better, and bestest evar.
Guppy Cooking Tip #20: Stuffed chicken makes you fat. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

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