Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More pictures of cat - the stupid one

I have two cats, as most of you know already. One of them is the sweet and wonderful Chunky Butt, the epitome of feline perfection. Then there's Kyra - known as Monster, Sausage, Bear Kitty, and any combination of three. She's loud, annoying, and sub-par on the cuteness. She bites sometimes, hisses often and will use her back claws to stab you whenever possible. But she wiggles her way into your heart with neck nuzzles, an abnormally loud purr, drooling when you scratch her because she loves it so much, and being incredibly cute and pathetic.

She also has the incredible knack for blinking whenever we flash the camera in her direction.

Nothing short of this will keep her eyes open for a picture.

And then there's her obsession with twisty ties. I've never seen a cat so happy as this one is when she's chasing the twisties around the house. If you hold one out for her, she chirps at you, begging you to toss it for her. And sometimes, she even plays fetch with it.

Or just nom nom noms it.
Of course, her bad behavior is partially my own fault. When she's being dumb and you know she'll make a hilarious noise - snorting, meowing, whimpering, purring, whatever - I can't help but poke and harass her.
We even tried a experiment, and made a devoted effort to not pick on the kitten for a week to see if her temperament improved - and believe it or not, it did. Apparently her crabby nature is at least in part my own damn fault. That and I think she was taken from her mother too early. I've never seen a full grown cat be so dumb and act so much like a baby.
On the up and up, Kyra is down from 20 lbs to 16 lbs - impressive for a kitty. The diet is working well.

And that's my cat.

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Anonymous said...

dis kitty is cute!
i love her.