Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Cooking breakfast is bad for my well being

I'm really not sure what came over me last weekend. I woke up at 9:00 and decided I was gonna make pancakes. Folks, I can't even think, let alone doing anything requiring hand-eye coordination, in the morning. I'm surprised I make it to work every morning without breaking something.

Well, I about broke my hip when I decided to make pancakes and walked right into the stationary counter, then almost tripped over the cat. Despite this decided lack of balance and clear sight, I pushed forward. Nothing say good morning quite like crushing the curds in some cottage cheese.

These are cheese pancakes, a sweet breakfast treat! Made with flour, cottage cheese, butter, and powdered sugar. Did I mention I also used powdered sugar for my Paravola? Did I happen to mention that it's like giving a two-year-old a box of markers and setting them down in front of your nice, clean white wall? Yes. Messy. It's a good thing powdered sugar, much like washable markers, can be cleaned up. I mean, I even make a mess just closing the bag!

Despite the mess, as is becoming the norm for me in the kitchen, things progressed quite well. See? It was another encounter with garnishes, however. I don't think those raisins really added anything to my pancakes besides personality.

Another downside to making pancakes is that you can only make a few at a time. I ended up firing up a second pan to expedite the process. Luckily, Erik was on hand to devour the pancakes as soon as they hit the plate. Had to get the little buggers before they got cold!

I did make him pause long enough for me to utilize my mad plating skills. This, of course, is more about functionality than decoration. I used leftover oranges, blueberries and whipped cream from the Paravola. Some things are just too yummy to throw away.

Guppy Cooking Tip #5: Screw the recipes! Make your own damn garnish!

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