Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Meringue this.

Last week I ventured into the realm of dessert by making Pavlova. I was fascinated by the pretty colors and yummy fruit, so I decided to give it a whirl. Let me just tell you, making meringue is a pain in the butt.

My first pass was made of fail. I'm mixing along, whisking like a pro, but the stuff just wasn't fluffing up for me. Like a moron, I poured it on to the pan anyway, even though I KNEW it was not gonna work. What a mess. It just ran like a river all over my counter and floor.

After cleaning up, and a little bit of screaming, I used my noggin and deduced that perhaps jumbo eggs were too big for the recipe. I made the mix again, with one less egg, and poof! My meringue base was happy and fluffy!

And if that wasn't enough whisking, I had to make whipped cream next.

I am so out of shape. I though my arm was gonna fall off. However, this big bowl of yum made up for it. Unfortunately, I ate so much of it while I was making it that I ended up not being hungry by the time the Pavlova was finished.
If I do say so myself, I think it turned out very nice. Took Erik and I two days to finish it, but man it was tasty. And look, fruit! Doesn't that mean this is a healthy meal?

Here's the post-Pavlova mess. I filled half the trash can cleaning up after my liquid meringue incident. Erik has since learn to just ignore any screams that come from the kitchen. That is unless they sound like screams of pain, in which case he shall immediately dial 911.

Guppy Cooking Tip #4: When in doubt, do NOT pour.

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