Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Spicy Asian Cuisine

So I found a new hobby, and that hobby is cooking. Semi-inspired by the Christmas present I got for my niece (a Nintendo DS and the game Cooking Mama), I decided to pick up Cooking Trainer for the DS. At first it just seemed like a passing game fad, something I would try and get tired of. But I'm thinking this might actually stick. Besides, after two weeks of owning this game I've made a bit of an investment in the kitchen. But more on that later.

My first Cooking Trainer recipe was about two weeks ago after buying the game. Erik and I went to good old Freddie's for some supplies. Being us, and us being Asian food addicts, we decided to start with some scheshwan chicken and kimchi pork fried rice (sans the kimchi - aka spicy cabbage - since Fred had none for our consumption). And since we all know what a dork I am with the camera, here's a few shots of what went into the meal.

Please note: The recipe did not call for Pepto, catnip bubbles or vitamin supplements.
Of course, it wasn't quite perfect. We didn't have the exact ingredients, but cooking is relatively simple anyway. Just follow the directions right? Oh, and don't dump in red hot spicy saucy liberally, unless of course you like pain.

The meal turned out decent - flavors were good, but man. It was hot. I think we each drank two full glasses of milk to even be able to finish our plates.

Guppy Cooking Tip #1: Please use caution when handling things made of KICK YO ASS spiciness.

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