Monday, February 9, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Ninja.

I've decided on a new tactic for acquiring more chef stuff. I will call it "ninja-ing." When one ninjas, one sneaks kitchen tools into the cart and cleverly buries them in between the objects one and one's significant other intentionally came to supermarket for. However, being that said significant other has eyes of the hawk, my ninja-ing wasn't a success. I was thwarted at the check out line and forced to pay for the ninja'ed objects myself. Doh!

In reality, I think it will make the hole in my income seem a little smaller if I buy a few pieces of stuff at a time. Moderation, yo. This time I got a baking pan, a cheese slicer, a mini measuring cup and a rolling pin. I think moderation might need to be smaller...

Guppy Cooking Tip #8: A true ninja does much practice make.

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