Friday, February 6, 2009

Chronicles of the Calamitous Kitchen: Lemon Chicken and Busting my Budget

While coping with my computer virus last weekend, I decided I needed to shop. And when I power shop for happy feelings, it's not for girly things in most cases. Normally it involves video games, books or toys. This time it took the shape of kitchen supplies for my future as an Iron Chef. I guess that is a little girly after all...

I spent $300. Why? Well, because I needed mixing bowls and to be happy, darn it!

What I acquired included (but was no limited to): mixing bowls, Tupperware, a loaf pan, a digital kitchen scale, parchment paper, a cheese grater, a spinning thing with 32 assorted kitchen tools - like spatulas and stuff, a veggie peeler that you wear on your finger, tongs, a measuring spoon cup thing, and a handheld mixer.

I also picked up a stuffed animal elephant and some chocolate...stop judging me! Oh yeah! We also bought a pair of semi-automatic Nerf guns with extra ammo darts.

Now that I had all that fun stuff it was time to make some dinner - after a Nerf showdown of epic proportions, of course.

Another Asian dish, this time deep fried chicken with lemon sauce. Look mom, no garnish!

Guppy Cooking Tip #6: A wise person does not shop when hungry nor when unhappy, as the results will be hard on the wallet.

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