Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brandon Sanderson = Thumbs Up

That's how good Brandon Sanderson is. I want to eat his books. They're just that tasty.

I finished Elantris over the weekend. Wow. It really is an amazing debut novel. I loved his world, his characters, everything. The story was captivating from the beginning and had a lot of surprises. The amount of detail that went into the culture and magic of Elantris was really fascinating. I hope he has plans to return to this world at some point.

Even if he doesn't, I'm still hooked. His next novel (different world, same amazing writing) is Mistborn, which I picked up Monday. Again, his originality is stunning. I mean, every writer tries to make their story as unique as possible, but Sanderson really does so with an iron fist. Or in the case of Mistborn, by burning iron! I won't give anything away for people who haven't read this - and I really can't anyway since I'm only about 1/8 into the book - but his use of magic/powers is simply brilliant. I can already say I love this book and I'm glad I get to pick up #2 in the series as soon as I finish Mistborn later this week.

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