Monday, January 26, 2009

Wet cats for your entertainment!

To carefully mask the mental breakdown I'm having over the possibility that typos, poor word choices and the overuse of the word "back" are doomed to ruin my writing career, I'm now going to blog about giving my cats a bath this weekend in lieu of describing the incessant whining and insecure ramblings I've been doing all day long.


Anyone who has cats knows that they aren't as clean as they want you to think they are. All that grooming and licking doesn't save them from the inevitable bath of doom. Kyra had achieved critical stinky mass last week and because poop is just not a lovely fragrance, the time was at hand. Unfortunately for Chunky I ain't doing this nonsense more than necessary, which meant Saturday was doomsday for her as well. Stinkiest goes first!

Heh. Need I saw more? I love my cats, but pictures like this make me feel better about all the times they've woke me up in the middle of the night or the butt crack of dawn, peed on something they weren't supposed to, or clawed me, intentional or otherwise.

Sausage Monster is most displeased with this turn of events.

I do believe this is the stank eye right here.

I almost felt bad for her here, sad little kitteh face. Then she jumped out of the tub and clawed my finger. Pity revoked.

I might look like I feel sorry for her in this photo, but this is actually me frowning because this was the point in bath time that my darling kitten started hissing at me. Somebody would apparently rather catch an pneumonia than be properly dried off. Which was just as well since I still had to give Chunky her bath.

Miss Priss looks a bit shocked in this photo. Really, you think she would figure it out after listening to Krya scream like I was skinning her alive.

Chunky sayz: "I does not approve." Otherwise known as "MRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!"

She took the towel off a bit better than Kyra, even though she was much more wiggly. Check out the whiskers on this old lady!

Tongue shot!

Ah yes, the sinister face of what will surely be my doom. To me, this look says kitteh plans to do evil, evil things at the first available opportunity.

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