Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacationing in Delaware. Again. - Sea Creature Feature

To help ring in the new year, I decided to take my niece and nephew to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. Ironically, it's located about half a mile from the battleship. Needless to say, Nick and I had no trouble getting back to the notoriously cold harbor. And yes it was still butt cold on January 1st.

Accompanied by my brother, we embarked on yet another animal adventure. Normally, I try to take the kids to the zoo when I visit. Being that it was the off season this time, we opted for some indoor, under the sea adventures instead.

Things started off vividly. As in with the vivid stench of shit. The first room we walked in (located tastefully next to the cafeteria) was the hippo room. As physics and stuff dictates, the bigger the animal the bigger the poop. Times that by two, for two very happy hippos, and slap on the company of about two dozen birds, and it smelled terrible.

Lucky for us there were some warning signs posted.

And they were, if nothing else, supremely happy mammals. This one was taking a nap with his butt propped on one rock and his feet on another while he got a facial. As you might rightfully assume, we didn't visit the hippos very long.

Next room had some really cool jellyfish. My nephew was amazed. So was Nick, shown here leaning in to get a better look.

This photo hardly does them justice. These things were pretty darn spiffy.

Here's me with my niece, looking all sorts of pudgy. Don't worry. I plan on fixing that as soon as possible. Bye bye junk food! Its the new year!

Simon was very well behaved all day. This is one of the windows to the giant shark tank I believe, which was where we spent the most time. He kept yelling "another one!" every time a shark swam by. It was so cute.

Sea horse! Love these things. These two were swimming about all happy like. I also got to see a a few puffer fish, my other favorite fish.

Now this guy was perfectly still for my camera. Cool stuff huh? He looks a little angry though...or maybe it's just his paint job.

Simon liked him too. They stared at each other for quite some time.

Next big stop was the shark petting pool.

Simon was a little small for this, but Isabell enjoyed herself.

Of course so did I! We hung out for awhile comparing how the different sharks felt. She's so my mini-me. I love it. :)

We made a very brief stop at the outdoor section to visit the penguins, seals and the fake turtle. We saw some real sea turtles though, so it was all good.

Isabell made me take her picture in every hole she could pop her face through. I liked this one the best. After all, she sharks were her favorite part.

Another cool critter. This mini lobster also stayed nice and still. What is it about the red ones? Are they only still because they're contemplating eating my face?

And here I am with my nephew. Does he look like he's squirming? Because he was. This was the last room, and while Nick touched stingrays with Isabell, I played chase the Simon in circles.
With one final pit stop in the gift shop, we were on our way. Tons of fun. Makes me a little sad that I only get to see them a few times a year. Maybe soon they can come visit me. I'd love to take them to see Mt. Rainier. I bet Isabell would love it.

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