Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacationing in Delaware. Again. - Happy Butt-Ass-Freezing New Year!

After many hours debating over what might be a fun idea for New Year's Eve, Jenn, Nick and I decided on visiting the Battleship New Jersey to see some fireworks. At least it seemed like a good idea. The two days before New Year's Eve had been remarkably warm, as in like 60-65 degrees. Of course, come the holiday evening, the temperatures plummeted and by nightfall, with wind chill, the temperature was a balmy 16 degrees.


It was so damn cold, I can't even begin to explain it. We bought the cheap deck tickets for $7 and those limited us to outside access only. We were able to enter one place to buy hot chocolate and coffee, but we didn't want to leave the chairs we froze ourselves to secure. A few drinks, three hot chocolates and a pretzel later, we still had forty-five minutes to wait for 2009. At this point, we all were discussing how much we hated 2008 and wished the damn year would just end already so we could go back to the car and possibly feel our toes, thighs and hands again.

Here's a very crappy picture of the boat from the shore, right before we got on board for the festivities.

Nick and I managed to entertain ourselves with Jenn's camera when she scurried off for a hot chocolate run, creating our own version of the Blair Witch project on the deck of the boat. Once she came back, we played the "words ending in 'shun' game" until the fireworks started. You know, that game? Alteration, sanitation, obliteration, nation, translation, revolution, etc, etc, etc. It goes on forever.

Don't believe the smile. I think my face was just frozen like that.

I must say the fireworks were very cool. Worth the pain? I'm honestly not sure. I do know I wouldn't do it again, at least not without paying for the $60 ticket and inside time, or with the weather being slightly more agreeable. Despite the frozen-ness, time with my two best friends is priceless, so I guess in the end it was worth freezing my metaphorical nuts off for the sake of good time. :)

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