Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vacationing in Delaware. Again. - Fun, Games and Brains!

Nothing says home for the holidays like insanity and chaos. I mean...

Nah, that's exactly what I mean. You can all deny it, but you know it's true. Visiting family isn't the relaxing kind of vacation. It's hectic, often jam packed with events and cracks filled with every edible culinary creation known to man. You get home and you sure as hell don't feel refreshed. You feel more like you've been hit by a bus, and in passing that bus also magically gave you five extra pounds around the midsection.

But within the scope of the crazy and the exhaustion, fun does seep into holiday time like rabid tadpoles. So here are some examples of the fun stuff I did with my family in between eating and being dizzy. (I put captions for each picture underneath the appropriate photograph.)

My dad, featured here in his lovely gray sweater, picked this wonder out for the kids. I think he got as much enjoyment out of putting together the marble maze as they had having marble races.

This was a present from my Aunt Luann for the family. How did she know? Just what my insane zombie loving family wants! Mind you, I'm not the only one fixated on zombies currently. Both my sister and dad have a fondness for the undead, and one of the first words my nephew learned to say was "zooooombbbiiiiieees!" He also thinks zombies live in the garage.

Here is the miniature horde for the board game. Can you hear them begging for brains through their plastic baggie?

And here's Simon making an unintentional, yet alarmingly accurate, zombie face!

This is our resident doctor, Isabell. I was going in for a standard check-up, after paging her and calling on her emergency line. Fortunately, she had an opening right then to take a look.

Unfortunately, I needed brain surgery. I tell ya, hospitals these days! She just ripped out my brains and left me there, didn't even stitch me up! I should sue!

But how could I, really. With a face like this?

Isabell, er Dr. Isabell, got these things too. Kenexts...or something. They were interesting. This guy is saying: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T TAKE ME APART!!!!!"

So on to the next phase of entertainment. My sister, Kayla, and I call this "interpretive photography." One of us shouts a feeling or a concept, then I snap the photo. The first one was just your plan old "say cheese" moment.

I believe this one was "do something stupid."

Followed closely by: "Let's do another stupid one!"

"Bringing Sexy Back."

"Sadness with blanket."


"And we stared into the eyes of the zombies and knew the fear."

"That's foul, yo."

"Sly devils."

Art gave way to harassment. You would think it impossible for my brother to sleep through such an attack, yet he did.

And let this be a Christmas lesson to one and all. Sleeping on the sofa during family gathering will result in getting made fun of when you don't know it, complete with photographic evidence to be posted on the webs for everyone and their mom to look at.

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