Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vacationing in Delaware. Again. - Buddakan

As the custom is in my circle of friends, we went to a holiday dinner. Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. Dead Wrong.

I've never had more complicated dinner plans in MY ENTIRE LIFE. After an email chain that reached well over 50 correspondences, over a dozen restaurant suggestions, and consideration of cannibalism for the sake of simplicity, we finally ended up with reservations at Buddakan.

Appropriately named, don't you think?

The meal was excellent. I had the wasabi crusted fillet mignon and while it was not as amazing as the $32 steak I had in Vegas, this $31 steak was pretty good. What can I say? Tender sets the bar impossibly high.

As good as dinner was, dessert was heavenly. We each got our own and shared, but I think my favorite was the lemongrass and passion fruit sorbets. The creme brulee was awesome as well, and so was the banana tower.

You might think I'm giving you the quick version about the meal and your assumption would be correct. Gabrielle, also known as The Traveling Fox or just Fox, has blog that's all about her endeavours as an amature food critic. When she posts the full, savory details, I'll be sure to link everyone over to her enlightened and humorous take on eating at the Buddha. Also, she has all the pictures of the food.

I did, however, take a few snaps that night:

Here is Jenn, The Wiley Minx, and Nick, The Crafty Badger, sorting out the damage. The damage being the check and the hole in my wallet that toppled $82. Hey, a splurge once a year never hurt anyone, right?

Here is G, the Fox, with her most excellent selection of wine. It was a sweet white plum wine and quiet possibly the nectar of the gods. After trying hers, I gave up on my standard Riesling for a glass of this deliciousness.

And I caught Michelle, The Twitchy Penguin, while I played artsy fartsy with my camera during the twenty minutes it took to sort out the bill.
What should the reader take away from this? Nothing is ever simple and Buddha makes some damn good dessert.

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