Friday, January 16, 2009

Researching Solo

So I was officially cut off this week. My boyfriend has revoked his unconditional support of my writing, at least as far as zombies and the end of days research goes. Not that I can blame him. I'm a big fan of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genre anyway, so we watch a lot of those movies to begin with.

My research/motivational material that he has been subjected to include:

Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil (the movie), Resident Evil: Extinction, Wanted, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Akira, I am Legend, Blade Runner, Naussica Valley of the Winds , Ergo Proxy, Babylon AD, and a few random B-movie zombie flicks.

Now, he enjoys this stuff too - but in moderation. The hammer fell when I presented the next two Netflix rentals: Children of Men and Undead. LOL.

He says: "Let me guess. Apocalypse and zombies?"

I say: "Yup."

He then slammed his head on the couch and announced he couldn't take it anymore. My zombie/end of world indulgences in his company are now limited to playing Left 4 Dead. At least for now. I watched Children of Men by myself when I was home sick, so that just leaves Undead. Maybe I can talk him into one more zombie flick... I have this thing about not returning my Netflix rentals until I watch them, so either he finds the strength to weather one more zombie movie or our Netflix selection will be one movie at a time until I break down his resolve!

I mean, I only have half a chapter left to write. How much more of this "research" can I possibly stand myself? I don't need more zombie brain food to edit. (Get it? Zombie brain food? HAR HAR HAR!)

Good thing he likes science fiction. I need to start researching aliens and space ships soon. Or genetic alteration. Or some good old epic war. After all, Mongol is up next in the queue!

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