Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick update on life

I finished my manuscript today. When I say finished, I mean all writing and editing the first draft. From here, I'm going to put together my pitch for ABNA, compile a similar item to be considered for an "Attention Editors" podcast series, and wait for some feedback from my post NaNoWriMo writing group. After ANBA, more editing and time to start querying agents. Also, I'm waiting to hear about my submission for Triangulation: Dark Glass and to get my contributor's copy of my first published piece of fiction. On the work front, I get to write/develop a new column for the magazine/web sites based off the concept of the TV show Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

Did I mention Erik got this huge TV? Since I was pretty sure we couldn't watch that big of a TV with out some Blu-ray, I picked up PS3. Both Erik and I are safe from layoffs (there was a big cut at Erik's company, Vulcan, which scared the shit out of me) and my fat cats have lost some weight. Dungeons and Dragons Online is finally raising the level cap to 20 at the end of February, and Fall from Heaven 2 for Civ IV is still keeping me mucho entertained. I'm planning a super vacation with my best friend Jenn and our two guys for next year, which hopefully will include Egypt and Greece.

I love my boyfriend bunches. Erik is my insanely goofy counterpart, and I can't imagine finding anyone closer to perfect (in the sense of a perfect match for how retardedly weird I am). I have a mini-me, my niece Isabell, who has got to be the coolest kid in the entire world, with my nephew Simon coming in at a close second. My two best friends are doing great in their careers. For the most part, all of my family and friends are doing well.

There is some sad news though. My Grandma (my mom's mom) has terminal cancer and we're not sure how much longer she has. On a positive note, my mother was able to take a trip to visit and is there now. All my well wishes their way.

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